Castle Garden Bazaar and Food Truck Show Hungary joined forces to create a unique venue for watching movies under the night sky. According to, the different movies come with different street food menus, so you can get to know all types of food trucks at the screenings of the Food Truck Cinema this summer.

The Castle Garden Bazaar offers street food instead of popcorn to its guests, every Wednesday on their movie nights. They teamed up with Food Truck Show to bring you the masterpieces of the Hungarian film industry.

Before the screenings, you can take part in diverse family programmes, kite competitions, and rock paper scissors games. The picnic starts at 4 pm every Wednesday, and it is followed by the cinema experience at 9.30 pm.


These outdoor screenings are quite popular, so make sure to book a ticket in time. Among others, you can choose from the following movies: Mirage (Délibáb) on the 5th of July, Theque Stories (Tékasztorik) on the 12th of July, Brazilians (Brazilok) on the 19th of July, Strangled (A martfűi rém) on the 26th of July, Car Park (Parkoló) on the 2nd of August, The Station (Kút) on the 9th of August), Sohavégetnemérős on the 16th of August, Kojot on the 23rd of August and It’s Not the Time of My Life (Ernelláék Farkaséknál) on the 30th of August.


Depending on the movie, the tickets usually cost around 2,000 forints (~EUR 6.5), out of which 300 forints can be used up as drink coupons. The programmes are free, but if you’d like to rent a blanket and/or a basket for the picnic, get ready to pay 1,000 forints and a deposit of 5,000 forints.

Featured image: VárKERTmozi Facebook event


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