Pools and buildings showing harbor seals and African penguins were handed over at the Veszprém Zoo on Saturday.

European Commissioner of cultural, educational, youth and sports affairs Tibor Navracsics said: Veszprém Zoo was in the middle of such a development program that would result it would be the most beautiful and spectacular zoo of Central Europe or perhaps Europe.

Gyula Porga, Mayor of Veszprém called the zoo investments unusual in several aspects. He pointed out that ZooEvolution project, which has been taking place since last year, was the biggest development of the zoo. He added seals and penguins were novelties because visitors of the zoo couldn’t see these animals.

The life of the harbor seals can be viewed through the glass wall of a 320 cubic-meter pool. On the beach, spectacle feedings will be showed with four harbor seals: Lilla and Robi from Germany, Pierre from France and Kati from Szeged.

The African penguins are in a 90 cubic-meter pool and there are shelters and nests to breed. The 16 penguins came to the proposal of the species coordinator from the UK and France to Veszprém.

At the zoo, the developments are realized granted by the HUF 481.2 million support of the EU and the HUF support of the central government, a total of HUF 1.2 billion. The pools and buildings showing the water wildlife are also the part of it. Previously, elephant house and rhinoceros house catwalks.

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Photos: MTI

Source: mti.hu

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