The worldwide famous Titanic exhibition has been on display in Budapest since 20 July and eventually, it has come to its final days. More than a hundred thousand people have already visited the exhibition in the capital, but it is still not late to experience the magical feeling of walking among the recovered objects of the well-known “unsinkable” cruiser ship that had been on the ocean floor for decades.

Some historical background

While walking into the building that gives home to the prominent exhibition in the Király Street, one has the feeling of going back in time and reliving the magic encompassing the gigantic ship. The age when the ship was made was characterized by a certain optimism and progress, when the telegraph, the first cars, the airplanes, the skyscrapers and the cinemas were invented. In 1909, the building of the Titanic also started along with 2 other ocean liners: the Gigantic (renamed to Britannic after the tragedy of the Titanic) and the Olympic.

The construction of the Titanic itself demanded nearly 3 years and, apart from the meticulous symmetry characterizing the ship, the interior design was also carefully worked out.

Here, it was a privilege to travel, even on the 3rd class. As the exhibition points out, it served the comfort of the passengers and even people migrating to America in the hope for a better future could feel being treated differently in a positive sense, more than in any of the other ships at that time.


The must-see things

If you remember the 1997 Titanic film, directed by James Cameron, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starred, you will easily recall the luxurious corridors, the red carpet and, of course, the monumental staircase. Walking along these unforgettable “sets”, you will feel a sudden urge to take a photo or two, because they just give you a feeling of privilege to be part of history.

The famous corridor /
The “must photo” of the staircase /

You would also not forget the enormous class differences palpable in the class cabins shown by the film. At the exhibition, separate rooms are furnished with the contemporary pieces of furniture and other luxurious items that give evidence to that.

While a 1st class passenger paid a luxurious sum to enjoy all the facilities the ship offered, a ticket for the 3rd class also costed what is around 900 dollars today.

Furthermore, two other prominent things should be mentioned here: one is a boarding pass that visitors get at the entrance, which gives them a new identity and indicates who they are during the tour and what their family background is. It is pretty exciting to gather some information about the passengers and figure out, in the end, whether the people they have been were rescued or not.

Figure out whether the person of your exhibition-identity survived or not /

The other important thing is the gigantic iceberg with hand prints on it. People stop for some time, think about how huge that iceberg could be that finally caused the doom of the “unsinkable” ship and take photos to perpetuate the moment. Even the touch of it for some time makes them feel the freezing cold that caused the death of many.

The gigantic iceberg to touch /

The exhibition tour

As visitors move on from room to room, they have the feeling of getting into a completely different world, but the magic and the tragedy encompassing it simply absorb them. Small kids, adults and pensioners standing next to each other are all amazed by what they see and hear, and the feeling of incredulity, that something like this could happen in the beginning of the 20th century, shocks everyone.

The tragedy on 15 April 1912 /facebook/Titanic Kiállítás Budapest/

In fact, this is not a guided tour, which has certainly many advantages.

You get a headphone that provides the audio-visual tour during the exhibition. At the beginning, you choose the language, then push the numbers indicated on the pictures, and you can immediately listen to the guide.

Meanwhile, it is worth reading the inscriptions, too, as they can help a lot by providing some background knowledge.

Some further practical information

It is still not late to visit the incredible exhibition in the Király Street, but it is good to know that in order to go through everything properly, you should devote at least 2-3 hours to the display. It is not worth at all rushing through it, because it is guaranteed that you are going to be touched by it.

The exhibition is open every day between 9:00-20:00 and discounts are available for students and pensioners.

Furthermore, on 9 December, they are organising a flashlight night where the secrets of the gigantic ship can be discovered in the dark.

If you are interested in discovering the secrets of the greatest Transatlantic steamship ever, including the role of some Hungarian people involved in the tragedy, visit the exhibition until 31 December. It is guaranteed that you would not be disappointed 😀

Featured image: facebook/ Titanic Kiállítás Budapest


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