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There are only two regions in Hungary where purchasing power per capita reaches half of the European average: Budapest (57%) and Komárom-Esztergom County (51%) – reported hvg.hu. The Hungarian national average in this regard is 6,654 EUR which is 450 EUR higher than it was in 2017. However, this sum is only 47 pc of the European standard.

Wealthy Hungarians live in and near Buda

Among the 42 European countries in which GfK calculated purchasing power per capita, Hungary is the 30th. However, only in Budapest and in Komárom-Esztergom County is this sum higher than the half of the European average. This means that

a Hungarian in Budapest has 23 pc more money than an average Hungarian.

According to GfK’s results, the following are the richest Hungarian towns and districts in Budapest (in pc of the national average):


  1. XII. District 185,6%
  2. II. District 180,6%
  3. V. District 171,4%
  4. I. District 165,1%
  5. XI. District 130,7%
  6. III. District 128,5%
  7. XVI. District 127,4%
  8. XXII. District 124,0%
  9. XIII. District 123,8%
  10. XIV. District 122,2%


  1. Üröm 159,6%
  2. Budaörs 147,7%
  3. Solymár 147,5%
  4. Nagykovácsi 146,6%
  5. Paks 140,4%
  6. Szentendre 136,7%
  7. Diósd 133,1%
  8. Gödöllő 130,7%
  9. Győrújbarát 129,7%
  10. Törökbálint 129,0%

As a result, the wealthiest region of Hungary is the 12th district of Budapest. People living here have 85.6 pc more money than average Hungarians. They are followed by citizens living in the second district and the city centre. Of course, they need this money since these are the most expensive districts of the Hungarian capital, for example, if somebody would like to rent a flat there. In the country, the top 3 are also

in the neighbourhood of the 12th and 2nd district of Buda: Üröm, Budaörs and Solymár.

Poor regions remained poor despite economic growth

Interestingly, there are only 2 settlements among the wealthiest ones which are not in Budapest’s metropolitan area. In fact, Paks, which gained the fifth place in the list, is where Hungary’s only nuclear plant is. Meanwhile, Győrújbarát is in the metropolitan area of Győr where the plant of Audi is.

The most impoverished region of Hungary is Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in which purchasing power per capita barely reaches 79 pc of the national average. The second place of the “reversed” list went to Hajdú-Bihar County (85.4 pc), while the third to Nógrád County with 87 pc of the national average.

As we already reported, Budapest dwellers are the wealthiest in Hungary with an annual net fortune of 56,150 EUR while the same number only reaches 17,850 EUR in the northern region of the Great Hungarian Plain where Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County can be found. An OECD study cleared in August that Hungarians are the most indebted and least wealthy. In their list of mean net wealth per household and per person, only Latvia and Chile did worse than Hungary among the OECD 27. Furthermore, in Hungary,

40 pc of the households are struggling with debt.

Source: hvg.hu

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