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Weather forecast: brace yourselves, cold is coming

Weather forecast: brace yourselves, cold is coming

We can enjoy the warm summer weather only until Thursday because a major cold front is expected over the weekend with strong wind and heavy rain. The temperature may drop by 10˚ Celsius from Thursday to Friday, Időkép and Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

According to the weather forecast, Wednesday and Thursday will be hot and sunny days. However, a cold front will dominate the second part of the week all over Central Europe with wind, rain and a major drop in temperature.

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Days of the week

Wednesday will be a sunny day with a mild dawn and a hot afternoon. The highest temperature will be 30˚ Celsius.  Sporadic rainfalls and rainstorms are to be expected.

We can expect a lot of sunshine on Thursday as well. Thursday will also be the hottest day of the week with the highest temperature being 33-34˚ Celsius.

A strong cold front arrives early in the morning on Friday; heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms are to be expected accompanied by strong and stormy wind and a major decrease in temperature. From Thursday to Friday, the temperature can drop by 10˚ Celsius in certain parts of the country. Rain showers are expected during the afternoon. The highest temperature during the day will be between 17 and 25˚ Celsius, and the lowest temperature will be between 13 and 21˚ Celsius at night.

Saturday will be a cloudy day, but hours of sunshine are also to be expected. Showers of rain can be expected here and there. The lowest temperature at night will be 7-13˚ Celsius, and the highest will be 18-25˚ Celsius during the day.

Sunday will be a very similar day to Saturday with cumulus clouds, showers of rain and a brisk of wind, but the sun will get through the clouds and shine for a few hours. The temperature will be between 20 and 25˚ Celsius during the day, and between 6 and 12˚ Celsius at night.

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