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Budapest, 2018. július 31. Fiatalok hûsölnek Budapesten a hõségben a Deák téri Akvárium díszmedencéjénél 2018. július 31-én. A rendkívüli és tartós hõség miatt országosan életbe lépett a hõségriadó, a vörös kód. A napi középhõmérséklet helyenként a 27 Celsius-fokot is meghaladhatja, a legmagasabb hõmérséklet 35 Celsius-fok is lehet. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

This week will be the hottest in the season so far, the national weather service warned on Monday, adding that maximum temperatures may be around 35 C in many places.

All-time highs for this time of the year were around 39-40 C, the service said.

Temperatures will temporarily drop in western and central parts of the country towards the end of the week, while the heat wave will be uninterrupted in the east.

For that matter, August 1 was the hottest on record in Budapest, according to the national meteorological office.

The lowest temperature on Wednesday was just above the last Aug. 1 record reached in 1948, with a temperature of 24.5 C, the office said today.

Current forecasts suggest the heatwave will carry on into the weekend with maximum temperatures above 30 C. and more than 20 C. during the coldest hours.

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Source: MTI

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