Zero waste

The author of the Hungarian blog – Pandarte – was also inspired by the concept of ’plastic-free’ July, as a result of which she collected such zero waste products that bring us closer towards environmental awareness. Additionally, they are all 100% Hungarian artefacts.

PandArte blog

As the Hungarian news portal describes, three years ago, the editor of the blog, Dóra Bánhidi, decided to introduce creative ideas to the audience of her blog. As she described:

“On my blog, I write a lot about domestic designers, innovative ideas, places and designs because this way, I would like to inspire people to find the ‘gift’ of themselves, so, the thing in which they are the most creative.”

What is zero waste?

It is precisely explained by; accordingly, it is a logical approach which looks for more effective recycling solutions for waste management. The basis of the idea is that products are manufactured for eternal usage, in a re-usable way.

Defining it in a simple way, the goal of the zero waste movement – as opposed to the single-use approach – is to recycle everything and use them again and again, while avoiding waste production. This way, the natural environment can be protected, which is one of the most important principles by which the ’zero waste’ philosophy is driven.

What can be produced to be zero waste?

As the image above depicts, there are several creative ideas that can be created to be zero waste. Let’s see which are the final products:

  • Bags – Textile snack bag; Canvas bag; Storage basket of palm leaves; 
  • Kitchen utensils;
  • Bamboo toothbrush;
  • Stainless steel bottle;
  • Composting bucket.

And the list is still expanding… Only our creativity is needed! 😉








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