Indeed, it seems possible. The mayor of “the adventurous capital city” of Lake Balaton, Siófok, would like to introduce panorama taxes for those who have an estate close to the Balaton’s shore with a view to our biggest lake.

According to sokszinuvidek.24.hu, Róbert Lengyel not only wants to introduce new taxes but also to change the local building regulations. The purpose of the mayor is to stop the increasing construction of the apartments and to make the coastline visible again.

Balaton’s beautiful panorama is getting harder to enjoy. There are many constructions, so the residents can only enjoy the view from a balcony – said the mayor.

According to the current regulations, residents with an estate next to the shore pay an equal amount of taxes as residents as those who have estates next to a railway station without any panorama. The mayor would like residents with a panorama estate to pay more taxes in the future.

I would also recommend to use these extra taxes to improve our parks, beaches and fronts as well – added the mayor.

With the introduction of this new method, the mayor strongly believes that Siofók’s profit, and also the population of the city would increase.

Source: sokszinuvidek.24.hu

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