Siófok óriáskerék ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel in Siófok, Photo:ófokÓriáskerék

For most of the people, Budapest is the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about Hungary. This country is beautiful, and it has many other beautiful cities. We have already written about Győr, Szeged, Debrecen, Veszprém, Sopron, Pápa, Szolnok, MiskolcKecskemét, Szekszárd, Tatabánya, Salgótarján, Kaposvár, Szombathely, Esztergom, Keszthely, Balatonfüred, and many other cities. Now, let us take a look at Siófok.

General information

Siófok is a beautiful port- and holiday town next to Lake Balaton in Somogy County. Even though its population is about 25,000, it is the biggest city on the shore. An interesting fact about it is that Balatonkiliti and Balatonújhely are attached to it. It was used to be called Fok (degree in English) but got the prefix ‘Sió’ in 1901 because of the Sió Canal next to it. Siófok existed even at the Roman Times.

What to see

Siófok is a beautiful city; this is why visitors should take a nice walk here. One of the latest attractions is the Ferris Wheel. It is a seasonal program since visitors can enjoy it only during the summer season. However, it is good to know that the minimum height is 140 cm for all of the visitors.

Siófok Farris Wheel óriáskerék

It is also a great way to take a look at the area nearby from the Siófok Water Tower. On the top, you can admire the view the beautiful landscape while drinking a cup of coffee, refreshers, or eat some sweets at the café.

víztorony Siófok water tower

For those who like museums, the Mineral Museum could be an excellent choice. It is a nice programme not only for children but also for adults since the exhibition is very informative.

Water activities

There is a wide range of water activities in this city. First of all, the most popular way to enjoy the water is Lake Balaton. There are not only beaches on the shore, but one can also find adventure here, too. Bebo Aquapark is a perfect example for that because everyone, no matter how old they are, will find the most exciting activities for themselves. There are trampolines, “monkey cages”, obstacle courses, and many more. Safety is very important for the park, therefore everyone is safe while having fun here.

Bebó Aquapark Siófok

After bathing, you can even go on a boat trip that can be a refreshing experience due to the wind blowing on the open water. If you like paddle boating, we can assure you that there are many places to rent one. Furthermore, a romantic date idea could also be rowboating during the sunset.

If you are not keen on bathing in the lake, we have good news for you because there is also a Thermal Bath in Siófok. Its name is Galerius Bath and Wellness Centre that offers different kinds of activities for all ages. There are multiple pools, some slides, massage, and hot water.

Siófok Galérius élményfürdő és welness központ bath


Siófok is a busy city full of adventures. If you want to have a break from bathing and relaxing under the sun, here are some ideas to spice up your holiday.

Escape Game Siófok is also an exciting program. Here, teams have to escape from a room with brain-teasers and hidden clues using good examining skills and cooperation. It offers fun and brings the team members closer together.

Bala Ball is a place of fun, an unusual sport, and a lot of laughing. Here, you can try the so-called “Bubble Soccer” that means you can play football while your body’s upper part is in a giant, air-filled, special kind of “balloon”. Additionally, there is no need to know all the rules of soccer, and anyone can play this game.

Bala Ball bubble soccer buborékfoci Siófok

For adrenaline addicts

Ugrani Jó (It is good to jump) is a great opportunity to release your stress and get some adrenaline instead. It is a company that flies you up in the air and then let you jump with a well-trained expert and a parachute of course. It is a great way to see the area from a bird’s-eye view while experiencing something astonishing and memorable.

Ugrani Jó tandemugrás Siófok jumping

If you like playing paintball or you always wanted to try it, Adrenaline Paintball Action Park is your place. The friendly staff members know a lot about this sport and can explain the sport in great details also in English and German. There is also a restaurant to refill your energy after the fight.

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