Last weekend was a total mess in Lake Balaton’s most popular party town, Siófok.

People have been waiting for this summer and these mask-free times for a very long time. It might be the wait or the extreme heatwave, but last weekend a significantly high number of people on their holidays went a little bit crazy and caused quite a scene.

Where do I still have to wear a mask in Hungary?

Between Friday and Sunday, the Police of Siófok had to intervene on six occasions. The reason was not simply a nice night infused with some alcohol, but people were charged with rowdyism, moreover, with the use of a weapon.

On one occasion, 40 policemen were alerted in order to stop the anger and emotions. summarised on their website everything that happened during these three days.
Friday was the least problematic day; only a furious man was trying to kick in the windshield of a car, parking in front of a popular fast-food restaurant. He caused quite a scene, scaring customers with his outrageous actions.

The next day, things got a bit more heated when a traffic incident turned into a physical fight involving two men and a big knife. The same day, on the most popular street of the town, on Petőfi promenade, a man and a woman harassed another couple.

The biggest affair, however, happened already on Sunday, at dawn, once again on the same promenade. That is where the huge fight occurred, involving the help of 40 police officers to stop the fighters. The Police brought in and questioned seven people from that group.
Considering the whole of the weekend,

the Police questioned ten people as suspects, among whom five are already detained.

As points out, policemen are present with reinforced forces at this time of the year in this specific town, especially in the area of the so-called “Aranypart” (golden shore), where these incidents happened. The Police are aided in their work by the municipality, the home guard and other organisations.

When it comes to investigating a crime and identifying and capturing suspects, outdoor surveillance camera systems play particular importance, says the Police. The same surveillance system about which Daily News Hungary reported a month ago, as being quite questionable.

Questionable face recognition cameras deployed in a town at Lake Balaton posted on their YouTube page this video of the big fight, edited with a song that matches the feeling of the weekend. 


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  1. As usual, what Mario writes is absolute garbage.
    Vicious garbage.

  2. In many US cities this would be called a peaceful gathering. Last weekend Chicago only had 80 shootings- 14 dead including a 1 month old.
    150 dead across the country. Almost all blk victims and shooters- no police shootings so it be a peaceful weekend. In LA, Antifa has joined trans folks demanding male nudity in women’s section with children. People protesting were attacked. This will be happening all over the country.
    The president considers all DeDe dents of white Europeans the biggest threat to the country and anyone that disagrees is racist. The largest teachers Union demands it be taught in all schools K-12.
    Hungarians are oppressors and need to be crushed.
    The borders open to all even if you have a record of violent crime- except for Hungarians and other white Europeans. The EU is silent unless it’s hungary or Israel and they need to be condemned.

  3. There is a huge decline in the human race in general. So much mental illness that in most part men are behaving badly destructive, drug addicted, sexually perverted, useless, lazy antisocial vagrants. Domestic violence is up, antisocial behavior of all types, self destructive regardless of how it effects those who count on them and care about them. And, a large cohort of women following that path.

  4. When the bar is set so low on a personal level, the entire society suffers & pays the price. We Hungarians used to have more pride in ourselves did we not?

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