Marvel’s latest series, WandaVision, has just ended, but fans of the cinematic universe should not worry as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series arrives on Disney+ next week, on 19 March. The marketing department of Marvel Studios is working at full speed on advertising their new series – surprisingly, with venues in Budapest.

After the story of the Avengers came to an end and fans lost many of their favourites, whether to Thanos or to retirement, the new series starring the Falcon and Bucky has special importance: at the end of the 6-episode-long series, the new Captain America will hopefully be presented, or at least we will get a glimpse of who America’s bravest and noblest soldier will be. Everyone has their guesses, of course. Some say the Falcon, Sam Wilson himself, has quite the chance to fulfil this role as Steve Rogers left him his vibranium shield. The American government, on the other hand (strictly staying inside the comic universe), favours John F. Walkers, known as US Agent from the comic books, in which he has been featured since 1986.

However, as interesting and intriguing the persona of the new Captain America might be, we are much more interested in the promotional photos issued by Marvel on their Instagram account, spotted by The new short series was shot in Atlanta and the Czech Republic, a piece of public information we had known since the beginning. It has also been known that the pandemic situation caused difficulties during the shoot as travelling around the world and entering some countries was extremely restricted. Especially for this reason,

we were very surprised to find two venues from Budapest on the superheroes’ promotional pictures, the Parliament and the Buda Castle, to be precise.

All Marvel fans know very well that the mission in Budapest, mentioned in a brief conversation between Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton aka Hawkeye when fighting in New York, opened up a tap of memes on social media. Although the two of them remember Budapest very differently, we, the audience, still do not know what it is exactly that happened in the Hungarian capital. The film about Natasha, the Black Widow, will be arriving in cinemas in May and will finally include this event as well. However, it was announced that a big part of the movie was shot in the Hungarian capital. On the other hand, in the case of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it is not obvious why monuments of Budapest play a special role on the posters.

There are three possible answers to this. The story takes place in the Czech capital, Prague, but the marketing directors decided to make the promotional material a bit more interesting by including the beautiful Hungarian venues.

Another possibility is that the crew actually shot some footage in Budapest in secret, without releasing the information to the media.

This version is much less likely, partly due to Covid-19 restrictions, partly because a filming crew of this volume would definitely have been noticed by locals.
So, we are sticking with our third and most probable option, namely, that Prague will play the role of Budapest and appear as the Hungarian capital in some scenes. If this is the case, though, scenes shot in Prague will be used as if they were happening in Budapest. This can mean that the new series arriving on the 19th of this month will give us a sneak peek at what happened to Natasha and Barton in the Hungarian capital.

Whatever the truth is, we would not be surprised if they really had secretly shot some scenes in Budapest as the city is quite an attractive destination in this respect, and it would not have been the first time Marvel chose the Hungarian capital for a grand movie either. 

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