One of the main dairy product companies in Hungary came up with a brilliant idea to solve one of the greatest mysteries and funniest facts about Hungarians and Hungarian gastronomy.

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24 reported that Hungarians have a peculiar habit which helps to distinguish them from other countries’ gastronomy. People of Hungary love to put leftover food into empty ice cream boxes, sour cream containers, and any kind of box which contained something different before it became empty. In many cases, you cannot see what is inside these containers because they are not made of transparent material.

According to a popular joke, when you would like to eat ice cream, you open the fridge and find its box. The tragedy comes when you open it and find Goulash, and there is no ice cream at all. 

One of the main dairy companies in Hungary sells 800-850 grammes of sour cream in big containers; enough to keep something else in it when the cream is gone. The company decided to ease the everyday life of many disappointed Hungarians who found Goulash, fish soup, and many other dishes in ice cream and sour cream boxes with a magnificent idea.

At the top of the box, you can mark what it contains if you would like to use it to keep other food in it: goulash, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikash, or the iconic Hungarian meat soup.

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With this new method, the company might save many from the disappointment of not finding sour cream in the box where it really should be. 

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  1. Alternatively one could buy stickers or an indellible marker pen. It’s hardly rocket science. As to whether Hungarian dishes are delicious is highly debateable. It depends upon how much salt one can bear.

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