The biggest porn site in the world, Pornhub, recently revealed its statistics regarding the number of page visitors and search statistics. Several details were revealed about the necessities of Hungarian users as well.

Dívány reported that the website usually reveals several statistics about their page and search history. This time, this research focused on oral sex, more specifically, certain categories like deepthroat and facesitting. According to the global database, these two categories faced an intense decrease in the past few decades, but the 18-34-year-old generation is eager to change that. However, the statistics did not reveal the number of users below 18 years old. The first category is extremely popular among men (especially homosexual users) while the other one among women.

Global standards revealed that Hungary won against Romania and Canada regarding the online battle in the first category mentioned above. The categories are the least favourite ones in Egypt, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

The second one is the most popular category in the North (Russia, Norway, and Finland). The Philippines are not interested in this one either, along with Taiwan and Thailand.

This is not the first time that Hungary had significant results in studies that examined porn search categories. In 2016, Hungary was keen on categories that included a glasses fetish and was also among the top countries which were interested in this category.


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