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It is known for a while that proposals for three brand new “superhospitals” to be built in Budapest were submitted. We seem to know a little bit more about the first superhospital, which will be built in District XI.

Daily News Hungary first reported about the new superhospitals in 2017.

Developing the healthcare facilities of Budapest is due for a long time, as three-fourth of the hospitals in Budapest were built before 1980, almost third of them in the 1800s. reports that the first superhospital to be built in District XI, Dobogó will be much more than a 1200-bed modern hospital, as it will function as a “health mall” with restaurants, shops, a post office, and hairdressers. And of course free wifi. The main aim of the designers is to make the patients feel at home, as much as it is possible in a healthcare facility.

As we have reported earlier, according to the original plans, every ward of the clinic of Kútvölgyi Street, the children’s hospitals in Tűzoltó Street and Bókay Street, and one of the women’s clinics would be moved to the new hospital. Moreover, the trauma surgery, neurosurgery, maternity and gynaecology wards, the neurology ward, the children’s ward and the neonatal intensive care unit of Szent János Hospital will also be relocated to the new hospital block.

Szent János Hospital is to become a place for chronic care and rehabilitation with 300 beds, following the renovation of the necessary buildings. The outpatient care units would be moved to a separate building in Kútvölgyi Street, a big step forward for the locals since currently the outpatient care occupies the same building, often even the same corridor as inpatient care wards, posing a risk for infections.

Three superhospitals are planned to be built by 2023.



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