James Conner

Have you ever heard the Hungarian song Gyöngyhajú lány (The Girl with Pearl’s Hair)? If yes, you can probably easily recognise it due to its characteristic tunes. Speaking of ear-catching tunes, the Pittsburgh Steelers found the song appropriate for telling the story of James Conner, a young, successful running back. It is an interesting combination of genres; the song creates the desired ‘epic’ feel.

This is actually not the first time that a foreign artist took a liking for the song. There was a very intense and serious conflict between Kanye West and Gábor Presser, the composer of the song, a few years ago. In the end, they came to an agreement out-of-court, so there was no trial. Still, West had to pay.

The video below takes a different approach to the song, as it accompanies powerful shots and the story of overcoming cancer.

For that matter, you can visit an exhibition commemorating the legendary Hungarian band, Omega in Szentes from the 30th of November. You can also listen to the original song here:

Featured image: www.facebook.com/TheSteelCurtain

Source: Daily News Hungary

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