published a map depicting the biggest employers in Hungarian counties in the November of 2015. The map went around the world, but one and a half year has passed since, the shortage of labour has become a serious problem and different companies have become the biggest employers in several counties. So the website made a new map based on the data of Bisnode, an information service provider company.

It’s important to note that these are the official numbers reported by the companies, which don’t always check up with reality. Also, the map includes the most populous companies based on the registered headquarters in each county, so it doesn’t show primarily the companies with the most workers, but registered companies that employ the most Hungarians. (The former would also be interesting, but the state companies concerned couldn’t serve with data regarding the topic).


Since 2015

  • in Győr-Moson-Sopron County, the former biggest employer, Audi Hungária Motor was abolished with a fusion, so Autoliv has become the greatest employer. (Since the original article has been published, several people highlighted that only the business’s name was abolished due to the fusion, so the company still functions under the name Audi Hungaria Inc. and employs more than 12 thousand people, which still makes it the biggest employer of the county).
  • in Komárom-Esztergom County, the number of the workers of Hungarian Suzuki has decreased to 2,892, so Coloplast has become the greatest employer with 3,801 workers.
  • in Nógrád County, the former leader Palóc Nagyker became bankrupt. The biggest employer is now Mahle Compressors with 876 workers.
  • in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, the Lego Factory of Nyíregyháza (2,130) has passed Pro-Team with 30 workers.

The news arose recently that a big cutback was to come in Debrecen Teva, however, there’s not much to know about this rumour yet. It is still worth mentioning, because, if a cutback was to happen, it could modify the ranking in Hajdú-Bihar County.

Budapest’s special position hasn’t changed much, Magyar Posta Ltd. is still in the lead with 32 thousand people. The differences between counties are huge if we compare this number to Nógrád County’s leader, Mahle Compressors’ 876 workers.

Below the maps, you can also see the nationality of the company owners, which shows that the majority of the leading companies are in foreign ownership. Most of the companies are still connected to car and machine manufacturing, but more and more companies occupied with trade make it onto the list.

Due to the shortage of labour, the number of workers at the biggest employers has grown in the past one and a half year. The growth was more than 18% in the case of ContiTech in Csongrád County. This rate is around 14% in Mahle of Balassagyarmat and Coloplast of Tatabánya. On the other hand, Jabil of Tiszaújváros and Tesco of Pest County were able to keep their leading positions, even though the number of their employers decreased by 10% and 4%.

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