tourism exchange student erasmus must do assembled a list of the top high schools in the country, Szeretlekmagyarország and 444 report. In order to rank the institutions, school leaving exam scores and competency test results were compared. Here are the schools with the highest scoring student population. assembled the list of the best high schools in Hungary, based on the students’ final scores on the school leaving exams and on the national competency tests from the last five years (source: To get the most relevant results possible, the scores’ overall stability in each school was also taken into account. (To see the exact methodology, please visit their website).

Hungarian students from elite secondary schools continue their studies abroad

4-year, 6-year and 8-year institutions (or different programs within one institution) were ranked both separately and together. There are several schools that appear on the consolidated list more than once, as they have different programs (4-, 6-, or 8-year programs) and these were ranked separately.

It might be surprising that the best secondary school in Hungary is not located in Budapest, but it can be found in Veszprém: it is the Lovassy László Secondary School.

Check out the full list below.

Here are the top 10 secondary schools in Hungary:

  1. Lovassy László Secondary School (Veszprém, 4-year program)
  2. Deák Téri Evangelic Secondary School (8-year program)
  3. Deák Téri Evangelic Secondary School (4-year program)
  4. Budapest District V. Eötvös József Secondary School (6-year program)
  5. Budapest District V. Eötvös József Secondary School (4-year program)
  6. Radnóti Miklós Secondary School (Szeged, 6-year program)
  7. Debrecen University Kossuth Lajos Secondary and Elementary School (6-year program)
  8. Fazekas Mihály Elementary and Secondary School (Budapest, 6-year program)
  9. Krúdy Gyula Secondary School (Nyíregyháza, 6-year program)
  10. Fazekas Mihály Elementary and Secondary School (Budapest, 4-year program)

As one can see, on the consolidated list, there is only one 8-year secondary school.

Interestingly, almost half of the list is from the countryside, and the other from the capital.

Out of the top 10 schools, there are four schools from the countryside (one from Veszprém, Szeged, Debrecen and Nyíregyháza), and there are six from Budapest.

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