Humans can understand the data better when it is in a visual form. If you present a set of data as a table and as a graph, the graph is bound to have more impact. The pictorial representation is merely taking the raw data and displaying it in the form of graphs or charts. It is easy to understand why this is an important technique for looking at data. 

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Now, consider the vast amounts of data being generated every day and the applications it can have for businesses. The whole foundation of data science lies in extracting useful information from the raw data and interpreting and translating the findings using data visualisation tools. Since every industry, from tech to finance relies upon Big Data, the need for good data visualisation with Tableau training is inevitable.

Importance of Data Visualisation

Here are a few reasons why it is important to have good data visualisation. 

  • Better Understanding: Simply put, there is perhaps no better way than data visualisation to fully comprehend large quantities of data such as those generated by Big Data applications. You can easily understand what the data says, identify trends, and see the effect of different parameters on the data set using data visualisation. 

  • See the Big Picture: When you look at the data on a spreadsheet in the form of a table, you might see small patterns, but you may miss out on the big picture. But this will never happen when you actually see the whole data set.

  • Identify and Predict Trends: Businesses need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. To do so, they need to know what the customer wants and how certain trends are affecting their sales. It has become vital that businesses identify and predict trends and change their strategies accordingly. Data visualisation is the best way to achieve this. 

  • Share Your Insights: Even if you work on the technical side as a data scientist and have processed and come up with certain information, the best way to communicate this insight to others who do not understand the technical side of things is by using data visualisation. Sharing insights is very important since you need to let others know what you understood from the data. They can then make decisions based on these insights. 

  • Spot the Outliers: Identifying the cause for a certain problem sometimes boils down to recognising the outliers and finding out what caused the outliers. It is much easier to spot the outliers when the data is presented more visually. 

  • Share Your Ideas: You may have a certain idea about how to improve a particular aspect of the business. But to effectively implement this idea, you need to convey to others how much of an improvement it can make. You can use visuals to show the current scenario and how it will change when you implement a new idea. There is no better way to convince others of its effectiveness. 

Why Use Tableau for Data Visualisation

Tableau is one of the most powerful tools used for data visualisation.

It accepts data in many different formats such as Excel, SQL etc. It can even access the data directly from a web-based server or database and create visualisations from it. It can perform data blending, computations, collaborations and real-time analysis. The drag and drop model also makes it very easy to learn and use. You don’t need to know any kind of coding to use this software and that is what makes it so attractive to businesses in all domains. It also has the ability to create interactive visuals. You can link multiple reports and Tableau can intelligently filter the data from these reports. You can even share your Tableau dashboard with your team. This enables them to see all the results with visuals from anywhere. 

Start Your Data Visualisation with Tableau Training Right Now!     

The world around you is constantly evolving and you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and practices to stay relevant in the job market.

Irrespective of which industry you work in, a data visualisation with Tableau course can put your career on the fast track. Interpreting data and making business decisions based on that data is an integral part of all businesses. And having specialised training in the most cutting edge method to do so will definitely make you an invaluable employee. This might just be the edge you need to get that promotion or to land that dream job. Start your data visualisation with Tableau training today and set a strong foundation for your future.

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