Hungary snow winter April
Péter Komka/MTI

On Wednesday, it might snow in places in Hungary again, but you should expect quick showers as well. North-Eastern winds will remain strong during the whole day, and the temperature will only be 5 or 11 °C even in the afternoon.

According to, Thursday morning will bring freezes, too.

Hungary snow winter April
Somewhere in the Mátra. Péter Komka/MTI

The day will be cloudy, and there could be showers and even snow in many parts of Hungary, mostly in the Eastern and North-Eastern regions. The temperature will only reach 6-11 °C.

Hungary snow winter April
Márta hills, April 6. Péter Komka/MTI

This is how snow fell yesterday in Karcag, Eastern-Hungary:

However, from Friday on, the warming will start. Sunny periods will be longer during the days, and meteorologists expect only some clouds in the sky. There will be no rainfall, but winds will remain strong. The expected temperature is between 10-17 °C.

Here is a video of yesterday’s snowfall in Püspökladány:

At the weekend, the Southern and Southwestern parts of the country will be windy. But by Sunday, daybreak frosts will disappear, and in the afternoon, the temperature is expected to reach 20 °C. There will be no rainfalls, and the day will be sunny.


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