From 22 September, the airlines of Wizz Air are going to fly two times a week between Budapest and Bordeaux, on Mondays and Fridays, announced.

Bordeaux, the centre for the famous wine-growing region, is situated by the bank of the Garonne River, in south-France. Besides its world-known cuisine, Bordeaux has a good reputation for its marvellous architecture and rich cultural heritage, as well. Half of the city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, thus it is treated as its urban area. reported that Wizz Air was going to launch flights from Budapest and Debrecen, with 11 air flights all together, which will be joined by a new aeroplane from Budapest in April 2017.

In 2016, 3.7 million tourists travelled by Wizz Air on its Hungarian routes, this is equal to an increase of 23%. The Hungarian network of the airline offers 67 routes across Europe, and connects Budapest and Debrecen with other 28 countries beyond the continent.


The new Wizz Air routes from Budapest:

Route: Budapest-Bordeaux
Days: Mondays, Fridays
Launch: 22. September

Photo: Facebook/Wizz Air

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