tax reports that a woman from Pest owes over 4.7 million euros in delinquent taxes to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA). She also has a fine of 4.3 million euros, thus, as a private individual, she has more debt than any companies in debt to the NTCA.

The NTCA publishes a list quarterly, containing the name of those tax payers, where in the case of private individuals 32,640 euros, and in the case of companies, 326,400 euros worth of debts were accumulated. The latest publication, from Friday, contains 121 names, referring to the situation on the 30th of June.

There are only three private individuals in the top twenty, the rest are all companies, most of them Budapest-based. On the top of the list is a fashion designer, Ekaterina Jurjevna Volkova, with a residency in the second district, whose debt is over 4.7 million euros. The company with the biggest debt is the International Marketplace Kft, owing over 4.08 million euros in delinquent taxes and owing a fine of 2.281 million euros. Another big debtor is the Joilker Kft, from the second district as well, with three debts of over 326,284 euros each, and a couple hundred-thousand-euro fines, as well.

The tax arrears of the first twenty debtors put together is roughly 39.15 million euros. The tax exempt number of the majority of the companies listed was already deleted, meaning that they cannot operate legally. Owing to this, it is quite impossible to collect the debts of these companies that are already shut down and are disappearing.

Other lists were published by the NTCA, such as the names of the tax payers who missed their obligation to notify the Hungarian tax authorities, and the names of the employers, who employ people without notifying the authorities.

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