“György Bálint, Hungary’s favorite gardener, turns 100 this month, and his advice is more sought after than ever.”

This is how news portal Reuters introduced its article about the Hungarian horticulturist, György Bálint, who is continuously working on discovering new tricks and tips about his favourite activity – plant cultivation and gardening.

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Reuters also noted that despite the jubilee birthday of the Hungarian gardener, his routine has not really changed in recent years. He still begins each day by giving advice and helping those who turn to him with questions related to gardening.

As Hungarian news portal Index describes, the world has changed a lot; however, the only way Bálint György is affected by that is that he no longer receives letters but answers all his requests via his Facebook profile, which has more than 430,000 followers.


“If I look back on the previous 100 years, I have to say that taking care of our environment is the most wonderful profession that one can wish for.”

– the gardener admits, adding “It does not matter how much land we have, the important thing is to produce some vegetables or fruits for ourselves. Those who produce food for themselves tend to consume more vegetables and fruits than those who do not grow anything at all”.

According to Bálint Görgy, due to climate change, it is particularly important that as many people as possible organise themselves into self-sufficient communities.

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Image: www.facebook.com/balintgazda/


When Reuters asked him about the secret of being fit at the age of 100 and continuing to work, the Hungarian farmer explained his success by having spent his entire life with the thing he always loved and enjoyed. 🙂

Featured image: www.facebook.com/balintgazda/






Source: index.hu; reuters.com

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