Puskás Ferenc

The legendary Hungarian football player’s name is known worldwide, according to a goal.com poll, he became the greatest football player of all time in 2016 beating even Christiano Ronaldo. However, he is not the only famous Hungarian sportsman who will be portrayed on screen in the future.

According to origo.hu, 7 animation movie scripts were awarded by altogether 56.9 M HUF (EUR 178,000) through the Macskássy Gyula application announced by the Media Patronage Program of the Media Council of Hungary.

B. Nagy Ervin received support to create an animation movie about the legendary Hungarian three times Olympic champion boxer László Papp whereas Csaba Gellár is going to make a movie about Ferenc Puskás’s childhood.

Líviusz Gyulai will be able to create a new episode based on Mark Twain’s famous A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court book which is about a 19th century American trying to modernize the court of King Arthur and medieval England.

Even the youngest will receive new movies: Zoltán Miklosy will continue his Szőrmók Ovi series while Ferenc Rófusz is going to create a new season for his Hoppi-tales series in which he will invite the children to a blossoming lake in Thailand.

Iván Tamás will create a mini-series titled Macskakirálylány (Cat-princess) based on the book of Zsuzsa Tamás in which a cat pops up in the life of the “Sorrowful Prince”. Bálint Farkas Gelley will make a new episode for his cutout animation series titled Átjáró Másvárosba (Gateway to “Othercity”).

As we reported before, Andrew Vajna and internationally renowned Hungarian-US screenwriter Joe Eszterhas were planning to make a film about Ferenc Puskás.

The relevant announcement was released in 2017, but since then nobody heard anything about the project. Vajna passed away last week, we reported HERE about his funeral on which even Arnold Schwarzenegger attended and said farewell to his former friend.

Featured image: Wiki Commons By FORTEPAN/Magyar Bálint

Source: origo.hu

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