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Warm thermal water, cocktails, parties and amazing light shows – some of the most characteristic features of those baths that are open even during the nights. You can read about these places below.

Rudas Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool

Rudas is unique in Budapest since it is open even during the night on Fridays and on Saturdays. The atmosphere is always friendly, and we can relax in a thermal pool filled with 42 °C water or swim in a 29 °C pool – reports.

thermal bath
Rudas – panorama pool, open even on Friday and Saturday nights. Photo:

Széchenyi Thermal Baths

They organise SPArties each weekend during which guests can enjoy thermal water, special visual effects and nice electronic music. However, these parties are only accessible for adults who can take part in them from 10:30 pm to 3:00 am.

thermal bath
Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Photo:

Lukács Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool

The bath is open every second Friday, between 8 pm and 2 am, during which the saunas are also open to the public. The so-called Saint Luke Evenings started last year, and they quickly became popular in the 2nd district of Budapest.

thermal bath
Lukács Thermal Bath open every second Friday evening. Photo:ács-Gyógyfürdő-és-Uszoda

Aquaworld Resort Budapest

This is one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, where Splash night pool parties are organised regularly. Though it is far from the city centre, there is a party bus commuting between the Aquaworld and the Western Railway Station. Children under 14 are only allowed to enter the parties with parental supervision. DJs and dancers create the real party atmosphere and, of course, all services are available for the public from jacuzzis to the 11 giant water slides. The bath opens at 9:30 pm, and we have to leave the pools by 2:30 am. The next Splash party will take place on February 15, and the organisers are preparing fire- and LED shows for it. It is strongly advised to buy the tickets in advance because the pool parties are very popular.

thermal bath
Aquaworld Budapest – you can go there by catching the party bus from the Western Railway Station. Photo:

V-8 Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre (Szentendre)

They organise thematic wellness programs twice a month, between 9 and 12 pm, during which bathers can become familiar with the tastes, pictures, history and past of the actual theme. Since these programs are very popular, it is advised to buy tickets in advance.

thermal bath
V8 Leisure Centre. Photo:

Aqualand Ráckeve

On Fridays, they organise the famous sauna nights on which guests are allowed to take off their swimwear and replace them with sheets. Furthermore, they offer free mineral water and fresh fruit bowls, active aromatherapy and sea salt, honey and beer-ice ceremonies. The pool is open from 8 pm to 1 am in the summer and, during winter, they offer the same program on Saturday in the indoor pool.

thermal bath
Aqualand Ráckeve. Photo:

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