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The Aria Hotel presents Hollywood classics, Hungarian and international blockbusters in its professional cinema hall every Tuesday. Moreover, until the end of March, entrance is free! Films, cocktails and bar food at the end of the article.

The best hotel in Central-Europe

As we already reported, the Aria Hotel Budapest won TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Award for the second time, labelling the hotel the best in the whole world. Furthermore, visitors and users could vote for the best Central European hotel on the popular travel website Condé Nast Traveler, and they also chose this hotel in October.

Of course, this is not surprising since the hotel attracts guests in many ways. To start with, its rooftop High Note SkyBar offers delicious menus year by year and it has a spectacular view on the St Stephen’s Basilica. This year – for example – they created dishes inspired by the Harry Potter universe, Marilyn Monroe and Dracula films – reported.

The rooftop bar in Aria Hotel Budapest.

Free cinema in the heart of Budapest

Now they would like to attract all movie and cinema fans, too. Since the hotel has a cinema-quality hall called Teatro Aria, with 50 seats, they decided to present every Tuesday Hollywood classics, Hungarian and international blockbusters. Thanks to Cirko Film they will present Paterson (2016), Quanto Basta (2018), The party (2017), The Bookshop (2017), Den skaldede frisor (2012), Instant Karma (1990) and Swimming with men (2018). The Hungarian National Film Archive is also cooperating with the hotel, and thus, it is planning to show Sose halunk meg (Eng. We will never die, 1993) and the renewed version of the well-known Hungarian animated movie, Macskafogó (Eng. Cat City – 1986).

Moreover, Some like it hot (1959), Casino Royale (2006), Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), The Big Lebowski (1998) and Love actually (2003) are also included in the program of the Teatro Aria.

St Stephen’s Basilica from the rooftop bar.

There is no entrance fee until March 31, 2019, but there is a minimum consumption, and since the hall contains only 50 seats, those interested have to register on the [email protected] e-mail address. Taking seats happens in a first come, first sit basis after 6:30 pm while movies start at 7 pm.

HERE you can find the program.


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