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From June 15, IKEA’s give the furniture a second life initiative is available even in Hungary. The program aims to provide an opportunity for the people to sell their second-hand but still safe and well-preserved furniture to the company. The first store where customers can turn in the issue is the one in Soroksár.

Based on what IKEA writes about the program on its website, they would like to offer their new service to those who would like to give a second chance to their furniture and extend their lifespan while contributing to the idea of ​​sustainable development at the same time.

How does this new system work?

Firstly, you have to send a description of the IKEA furniture, making sure that it is on the list of products they collect. Furthermore, you have to attach at least four photographs of the product and decide which IKEA store you can later bring the furniture – in this respect, in Hungary, you can only choose Soroksár yet. It is important to document all defects of the furniture 

Secondly, the company will propose a price after they decided that it is worth to buy. However,

their offer will only be around 30 pc of the original price.

Finally, if you agree you have to bring the assembled furniture into one of the department stores and they will resell it for the same price they bought. Moreover, those who return their furniture get a discount card of equal value for IKEA purchases.

According to portfolio.hu, to the buyer of the second-hand product, IKEA gives 1-year warranty except for the errors already known at the moment of the purchase. The Swedish company

buys only IKEA furniture

since they can only guarantee the safety of those products.

For now, they buy back furniture in the following categories:

  • sofas and couches
  • coffee tables
  • bookshelves and storage systems
  • home office furniture
  • chairs, tables, mirrors
  • children furniture
  • outdoor furniture
  • PAX wardrobe systems
  • big bedsteads

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the procedure was introduced in November 2017 and, so far, it has been functioning well. The stores there are about to sell 11 thousand pieces altogether.

Source: druhyzivotnabytku.cz/en, portfolio.hu

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