Opinionated About Dining (OAD) surveys all the most popular European restaurants every year and set up a ranking, featuring the continent’s best places. Opinionated About Dining is the only dining survey that factors experience into its rating system. The 2019 results are based on over 200,000 reviews contributed by more than 6,000 people who registered for the survey. This year, three Hungarian restaurants are featured in the survey; all three of them are Michelin-stared ones.

Borkonyha Restaurant in Budapest became the 177th best restaurant in Europe out of 200, lead by famous Hungarian chefs Tamás Horváth, Zoltán Kalocsai, and Ákos Sárközy. Budapest Babel Restaurant is also featured on the list becoming the 189th best restaurant on the old continent – reports Pénzcentrum.

Borkonyha, Hungary, Restaurant, Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/Borkonyha
Babel Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/babel.budapest

Among the 200 best dining places, OAD also made another list featuring other recommended restaurants from all the European countries. This additional list features another Hungarian restaurant: Costes Downtown, lead by Tiago Sabarigo. Although Italian and French restaurants basically rule the ranking, among the top 10 bests there are only two Italian and two French ones. Among the top 3, none of these two nationalities got featured.

Costes Downtown, Hungarian, Restaurant
Photo: www.facebook.com/costesdowntown

The continent’s best restaurant is the Restaurant Frantzén located in Stockholm, Sweden, under the supervision of chef Björn Frantzén. The second best is the Swiss Andreas Caminada–Schloss Schauenstein and the third one is the Spanish Etxebarri with the lead of Victor Arguinzoniz.

All the Hungarian restaurant’s featured on the list are the owners of the dreamy Michelin-star, which means that the meals are quite expensive. In Borkonyha Restaurant a five-meal course costs 21,500 HUF (64 EUR), the same five-meal course with wine 36,500 HUF (108 EUR). In Babel Restaurant a six-meal course costs 30,500 HUF (90 EUR) while Costes Downtown offers four-meal menus from 22,000 HUF (65 EUR) while five and six meal courses cost approximately the same as in Borkonyha Restaurant.

Csokonai, food, gastronomy, Hungary
Csokonai Restaurant (Photo: www.facebook.com/csokonaietteremdebrecen)

The top three best restaurants in every Hungarian county – Photos

Many Hungarian residents enjoy trying and eating different kind of gastronomical delicacies from each part of the country. Not only Hungarian people but many tourists are keen on getting to know the cultural and traditional features of another country’s gastronomy; many of them visit Hungary for only its dining habits. Although the capital is still the first in the category of best restaurants, there are fifty-four other honourable mentions outside Budapest.


Source: www.penzcentrum.hu

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