As in the previous years, there are Hungarian buildings among the candidates for the Building of the Year 2016 award, organized by In the sacred building category you can vote for the funeral home of Dabas, the Újpest Parish and the Szentkút Pilgrim Center as well. drew attention to the international competition where the Fővám tér and Gellért tér Metro 4 stations also won, as did the Laposa of Badacsonytomaj and the Füleky Winery of Bodrogkeresztúr as well, reported.

The readers are able to choose the winners among 14 categories’ 3000 projects, including industrial, social, cultural, educational, official, commercial, religious and sports complex topics. The winners will be announced on February 9.

  1. The funeral home of Dabas

The funeral home is located in Pest county and it was designed by István Ligervári and Zoltán Kovács, colleagues at KZ Architectural Office. The creators wanted to send a message in a modern tone. It represents contemporary forms in shaping and used materials as well. It is a metaphor that expresses the current relationship of people with earthly existence. The rising retaining wall symbolizes birth; the main mass is the accomplishment of life while the sliding wall symbolizes the gates of heaven. The interior is the “port” from which the leaving soul departs. The blue glass triptych, the translucent “soul bird” motif represents the “far bank” – the designers explained the conception. Here you can chose the funeral home.

  1. Újpest Parish in the building of the old music school

According to Octogon, a versatile and modern community house, a spiritual home was set up which seems to be liked by the visitors. It is a small-scale but exemplary intervention: you can save the built heritage by creating new value. The building was renovated with the leadership of Zoltán Berzsák. You can vote for the parish here.

újpest parish
  1. Szentkút Pilgrim Center

The pilgrim center of Tamás Nagy DLA is located in the foothills of Mátreverebély. The designers wanted to create the balance between the old and the new, the profane and the sacred. The major novelty of the building complex is the pilgrim accommodation which is able to accommodate groups of various sizes, and it also contains a conference room, bedrooms, baths and lounges – Krisztina Somogyi said. If you would like to support the pilgrim center, you can do it here.

szentkút pilgrim center

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