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The local government of Ófalu offers 6,000 Euros in the form of a financial aid to anyone who decides to live in the tiny village, Pécsi Stop reports. The amount does not have to be reimbursed, and it aims to prevent the town from depopulation.

Ófalu is located in the Southern part of the country in Baranya County, in the Mecsek Mountain. The tiny town has a population of 333, most of them (94%) are of German nationality. In the town, there is a kindergarten and a daycare centre for small children, while there is practically zero crime. There have been no criminal activities in the town for years.

Erzsébet Bechli, the mayor of Ófalu, shared a few details with Pécsi Stop about the aid and the town itself. Real estate is more expensive in Ófalu than one would expect in the countryside because a lot of foreigners are interested in buying property there, which pumps up the prices.

Local government offers a one-time aid of 6,000 Euros, which is not to be reimbursed, to those people who move to Ófalu and who: are either married, in a registered partnership or single parents, have a stable job with a steady income, and do not have any kind of debt towards the local government.

Of course, there is an official inspection beforehand, to see if there is enough guarantee that potential candidates will comply with the conditions specified in the contract. People may use this money to build a house on their private property or to buy a “used” home. As another form of financial aid, the town provides available building lots to build houses and offers an additional 620 Euros to aid the construction.

This aid is the government’s way to pursue younger people to move to Ófalu. There are not that many empty homes but there is a ton where only one senior person lives, and the local government is afraid of the slow depopulation of the town.

However, people who decide to take this financial aid from the government need to know that certain legal actions will be made to somewhat secure the government: mortgage, prohibition of disposal and prohibition of imposing on consumers will all be registered to those properties whose owners used the government’s money.

Featured image: Indafoto/Teteneverdle

Source: www.pecsistop.hu

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