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Many say that without a smartphone, one can easily lose out on a lot of information circulating through different applications and social media. However, based on the photo he posted on his Facebook page, it seems that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a bit conservative in that regard. But the reasons behind his “choice” might be interesting.

According to hvg, leading politicians cannot choose and use the phone they would like. This is due to security reasons since smartphone systems can more easily be cracked through the apps downloaded on them than older phone types. And that

can cause significant problems for the national security agencies of any country.

This can be the reason why Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán posted a photo today in which he showed that he was speaking with Charles Michel, President of the European Council. PM Orbán said “Day forty-two. I spoke with the President of the European Council on crisis management and the EU budget.”


PM Viktor Orbán showed his phone for the first time in the Hungarian media, a Nokia 6700 Classic. However, there were gossips even before in the country that the PM is not a big admirer of the fancy new technologies and inventions in the telecommunications sector. His press secretary confirmed yesterday that the Nokia 6700 Classic is the PM’s phone, so it was not used only to take the photo and post it. He added that

Viktor Orbán has been using that type for years

because he sticks to the things that have already proven their worth. According to 24, in 2010, the Prime Minister used a Nokia 6300 which did not have Internet access.

The Finnish producer put the device on the market in 2009. The screen of the phone has 2.2 cols, and its type is TFT, so the PM cannot follow Netflix series, but he can read his emails on it. Furthermore, the system running on it is the development of Nokia called Symbian. We cannot take very good photos with it because its front camera is only 2.2 megapixels while the back one is 5 megapixels. Moreover, the standby time of the battery is 300 hours.

According to hvg, the PM chose well since such devices are more difficult to tap or crack. In contrast,

US President Donald Trump uses an iPhone

even though many have already warned him that it is risky to use such smart devices. Interestingly, he denied that he uses a smartphone, but later he got caught with one. Barack Obama listened to his security advisors and then changed his BlackBerry to an older type.


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