YouTube’s music streaming service, YouTube Music, is now available in Hungary, too, on both Android and iOS devices. You can sign up for the 1-month-long free trial period during which you can get to know and enjoy all the features, even the ones that are normally in the paying category, and decide whether you want a subscription.

According to 24, the service can be opened from your browser, too, and it only costs 1490 HUF/month (4.6 EUR). You can also choose the family plan where the service costs 2290 HUF (7 EUR) and you can add up to six different Google accounts.

At the same time, the long-awaited YouTube Premium is now also available with a regular or a family plan, allowing users to enjoy any content on YouTube accessed with Google accounts without the bother of unwanted ads.

YouTube recently introduced the ‘Music Charts’ function in Hungary, too, check out the details HERE.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music was launched in 2015, especially aimed at those who listened to music through the video sharing service. In 2018, it was thoroughly reworked, changing the design and some of the functions, too. YouTube Music is basically Spotify and Apple Music’s competition.

One of its advantages is that you can access any music that is available on YouTube, so it offers a wider range of content. In Hungary, this is especially true, as Hungarian artists rarely make it to the content featured by Spotify or Apple Music.

One disadvantage, however, is that even though you can access the app and search the contents without having a subscription, once you lock the screen or would like to open a different app, the music stops. However, after paying the monthly sum, you can listen to it while other apps are open, and you can even download your favourites so that you can access them offline, too.

When you are listening to music offline, a good pair of listening devices and save the budget will definitely make it much more pleasant for you to enjoy the music you like.

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If you choose to give a try to the app, you might find it useful to know that, after logging into your YouTube account, you can select the artists you like instead of YouTube trying to figure out what your taste based on previous searches. However, later on, the algorithms get used to what you regularly listen to and get better at offering suggestions. These can vary based on time of day or location, too – in the morning, you might get more upbeat music excellent for working out while at night, the app might suggest music that helps you wind down.

YouTube Premium

Along with YouTube Music, YouTube Premium is now also available in Hungary. You can choose to subscribe to only one of them or together as well, which comes with some discounts. Either way, thanks to YouTube Premium, you can enjoy videos without the annoying ads that keep popping up. You can also access YouTube’s own content, like some series, and it allows you to stream the music/videos from the background as well, just like in the case of YouTube Music.

It is worth noting that the app’s language can be Hungarian provided your phone is set to Hungarian. In any case, the first month is free for both services, so feel free to give them a go 馃槈


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