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10 young Hungarian inventors you have probably not heard of

10 young Hungarian inventors you have probably not heard of

Hungarians are rightly proud of all the Hungarian Nobel Prize winners but as reports, the inventors of the future should be looked for among the young and creative talents of today who invent outstanding things.

If you have ever wondered who discovered the smart gauze bandage rolls, the glass textile or the fire hydrants that provide drinking water in public places, you might be surprised that all of them are the inventions of young Hungarians. Let’s get to know more about 10 Hungarian inventors and their inventions that might revolutionise our lives.

1. Melinda Szegedi and the smart gauze bandage rolls

What would you expect from a 16-year-old girl? Certainly not a revolutionising item in therapeutic treatment. However, the invention of the Hungarian girl, Melinda Szegedi, was awarded a gold medal in the China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest. The smart gauze bandage rolls are able to cool and heat, therefore body temperature can be easily changed that can help the treatment of skin diseases and ulcers. She was inspired by her own everyday problem as since her childhood, the joints in her ankle have caused many problems to her and she had to change the compress regularly. No more trouble with her new invention!

2. Anna Hegedűs and the glass textile

Anna Hegedűs, a Hungarian textile designer, created a material with the creative combination of glass and textile that has been enjoying great popularity in interior design. You would never guess, but you could meet this special material in the stations of metro line M4. Here is a video of its diverse usage.


3. Sarolta Hüttl, Judit Soltész, Zsófia Zétényi, Zsófia Zoletnik and the fire hydrant

The idea of the 4 girls makes the intolerably hot summer days more bearable. Their invention is the fire hydrant present in many public places that function as a drinking fountain.

In most cases, these fire hydrants are unused, but with the help of a special head, drinking water becomes accessible in public places by only pushing a button.

If this invention were widespread in Hungary, we could probably forget the distribution of bottles of water during the hot summer season. For more information, check it out here.

4. Imre Sziszák, Miklós Ilyés, József Cseh and the energy-generating pavement

The idea of the energy-generating pavement comes from 3 men from Hajdúnánás.

The uniqueness of the pavement is that it does not only convert the sun’s rays into clean energy, but it also uses the energy generated by stepping on the pavement for electricity transformation.

A further speciality of the project, named Platio, is that it is constructed from domestic garbage, therefore even the production is environmentally-friendly.

5. Tamás Imets and the life-saving drone

The Hungarian high school student, Tamás Imets, invented such drones that are able to give first-aid to people trapped in mountains or under the debris of collapsed buildings. The drone operates without human controlling and can easily detect human faces. Furthermore, it can even avoid obstacles found in its way. It is a huge advancement in finding people involved in accidents and transporting first-aid kits to them as soon as possible.

6. Ádám Fülöp, Krisztián Klinkó and the smart gloves

It is also a Hungarian invention that helps the blind and the visually-impaired people read not only the Braille texts but also any other printed texts with the help of a pair of smart gloves and a smartphone application. The inventors report that the production of the new invention is going to start next year, and they are sure that the product will enjoy great popularity. Hopefully, together with the other Hungarian invention of the white cane equipped with an electronic sensor, they will greatly facilitate the mobility of the blind.


7. Ákos Bagó and the UO pen

Handwriting becomes less popular these days, but thanks to a great modern invention, it can enjoy its Renaissance.

The extraordinary pen makes it possible with the usage of a special technique that every user can write with it by taking the most optimal hand position.

Therefore, people with neurotic or muscular problems or even older people suffering from trembling hands can overcome their problems and enjoy writing by hand.

8. Gergő Halmi and the Beachegg

The invention of the Beachegg, created to prevent theft on beaches, started in 2016, but it enjoyed such popularity, that it conquered everyone this year as well. In fact, this invention is an egglike design safe that protects the valuables in 4 ways: with the eggshell itself, with the alarm sound turned on when it is moved and which also signals to the security guard on the beach, and with the help of an online system that indicates the place of the egg with relative precision.

You can read more about this incredible invention here.

9. Tamás Kocsis and the ZeroNet

Tamás Kocsis, who is considered to be the prodigy of IT, made a breakthrough with his invention, the ZeroNet.

This invention is such a network where the websites are maintained by the visitors themselves, so there is no need for a supplier or a central server.

As a consequence, websites cannot be removed from the Internet by switching off a central server that might make it more difficult for the authorities to censure the Internet.

10. Gábor Borsányi, Viktor Dénes Huszár and the teqball

What is teqball? This is the combination of football and table tennis that is perfect for professional football players to train their technical knowledge and concentration skills, while for amateurs, it is a great fun. It can be played by 2 or 4 players, and because it is gaining worldwide fame, the number of purchases also augments.

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