According to, a Hungarian enterprise thinks that an egg-shaped mobile safe might be the solution to thievery at the beach. A bracelet and a mobile application are connected to Beachegg. The former alarms by vibrating, while the latter shows where our stolen Beachegg is.

You are probably familiar with the feeling of worrying while at the beach, when you want to go into the water but the only thing that you can cover and protect your stuff with is a towel. And let’s be honest, this is not a full-proof solution. A Hungarian startup company has been thinking about this and they came up with a solution in the form of an IoT (internet of things), in other words: an internet based design object.

The designers want to spread the Beachegg safe among companies running beaches and hotels, so that bathers could rent it locally as a supplemental safety service for, approximately, the price of a beer. When you rent an egg the receptionist takes a photo of you, uploads your information to the smart phone application and gives you a waterproof bracelet that opens and closes the egg with a single touch.


There are motion sensors, a SIM card and a GPS built into the egg. If the egg is moved without touching the bracelet it starts beeping and sends a sign to the application and server, with the help of the built-in SIM card. Meanwhile, the GPS identifies the whereabouts of the Beachegg, and the information is sent to the hotel’s security guard’s smart phone where it also gets stored. This way the guard can follow the stolen egg, no matter where it’s taken to.


However, if you buy your own Beachegg, and it gets moved without authorization, then you get notified on your phone. This is when the other important feature of the bracelet comes in handy: if we put our phone into the egg as well, then our bracelet alarms us of the stealing. The bracelet and the egg communicate through Bluetooth, which’s effective range is around 250 metres. If something happens to our egg in this range, our bracelet starts vibrating. But there’s no problem if you’re out of range, or you don’t notice the alarm, nor when the thief runs away with your beeping egg, because you can follow the path of the stolen Beachegg through its application on any phone so you can inform the police in time.


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  1. Too bad, that covering it with a sheet of alu foil by the thief is disabling the ability to locate it..

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