Hungary fence

“Police apprehended one hundred and twenty-eight illegal border crossers within the territory of Hungary between Friday and Sunday”, the National Police Headquarters informed Hungarian news agency MTI on Monday.

According to the statistics, which are also available on the Police website, 7, 44 and 75 foreigners who were residing illegally within the territory of Hungary were apprehended by police on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Two migrants were apprehended along the Hungary’s border with Romania and Ukraine. Two people were charged with suspicion of people smuggling.

According to the new legislation that came into effect on 28 March this year, foreign nationals who are in Hungary illegally may be apprehended by police and escorted back to the border barrier providing they are not suspected of having committed a crime.

202 migrants were apprehended within the territory of Hungary during the past week and accompanied back to the border by police. During the previous week from 12 June to 18 June, this number was 118. Nine migrants were caught attempting to illegally cross the Romanian and Ukrainian borders last week, the police report states.



  1. Any one crossing the border illegally should be fingerprinted and banned from entering Hungary for at least 1 year. Just sending the illegal migrants back does not help, they will try it again. It is like a revolving door.

  2. Hungary’s revolving policy will not solve the problem. Unless the illegal migrants finger printed and expelled for at a least this problem may

  3. They should implant them with radio-GPS signal emitters, so that if they try the fence again, they’ll get tracked and dealt with either by technology or snares.

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