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Hungarian teenager Bernadett (13) has been receiving tremendous public support for saving her family by killing her own father. The father was physically attacking the girl’s mother and brother when the girl stabbed him in the back.

As borsonline.hu reported, the poor girl is now back home with her family hoping for her acquittal in the murder case investigated by the Hungarian police.

As reports emerge, it is possible to reconstruct the events which included abusive dad attacking his wife with a piece of glass then stabbing his own son in the stomach with a kitchen knife. That was when his youngest daughter acted on instinct, possibly saving her family in the meantime.

The older sister in the family said that her “parents were married but were not actually together anymore”. Csaba Z., the father, found this unacceptable and frequently abused his wife. The father’s extremely aggressive nature was also proven.

Bernadett is now back home in Galgahévíz, a village in Hungary’s Pest county. Her family obviously supports her in these trying times. The police are currently investigating the case in which the girl is considered a suspect but is allowed the stay at home. Whether she is going to be sentenced or acquitted is yet to be seen.

There have been other horrifying incidents lately in Hungary; a tourist boat capsized in Budapest, and a tragical car accident are just examples.

Source: borsonline.hu

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