The number of foreigners who were given Hungarian passports with fake data has risen. A 31 years old employee was helping a group of criminals to acquire false papers. reports that a 31-year-old employee of the 20th district government office has helped almost 200 foreigners obtain fake documents, passports. 

The woman was in the employment of the Metropolitan Government Office in the 20th district as an administrator. She was contacted by an organised crime group and was eventually persuaded to make out fake passports and IDs for Ukrainian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Iranian and Albanian citizens between June 2015 and December 2016.

The photos in the documents were of the applicants, but the personal data belonged to Hungarian citizens on them.

The woman made out 198 of these documents, including passports and IDs, thus helping these non-EU citizens to EU papers.

A European warrant of arrest has been issued against a 37-year-old Ukrainian citizen who was apprehended in the United Kingdom. This man stands accused of the incitement of a functionary into public document forgery. The 20th district prosecution has motioned to combine this case with a previous on-going investigation.

According to the new libel, the Ukrainian man has worked together with a functionary to obtain a passport which contained his photograph, but the personal data of a legal Hungarian citizen. The man could get into the United Kingdom with this document.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Hungarian mayors helped foreigners get fake home addresses for years in Csongrád county.

featured image: Daily News Hungary



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