shares the line-up of this year’s national football team, as, after 30 years, Hungarian players get to participate in the European Champs again. The audience may see them playing against Austria, Iceland and Portugal in the group stage. The members of the team are introduced below.


Gábor KirályKirály Gábor

Number: 1

Current team: Szombathely Haladás

Interesting: Király is going to set a record when he gets to the field, for no one aged 40 (or above) has played at the Champs before. Until now, Lothar Matthaus held the record, as he was 39 years and 91 days old at the time.


Dénes DibuszDibusz Dénes

Number: 12

Current team: Ferencváros

Interesting: In the 2014-15 season Dibusz could manage to keep a clean sheet for 7 matches in a row, thus, setting the club’s new record.



Péter GulácsiEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 22

Current team: RB Leipzig

Interesting: Gulácsi’s save percentage is 60%, incredibly, at the U20 World Champs he could save 6 out of 10.



Barnabás Besebese barnabás

Number: 21

Current team: MTK

Interesting: Bese is the only player who spent every minute of the season (2015-16) on the field and is one of the fastest players of NB I.



Attila FiolaFiola Attila

Number: 5

Current team: Puskás Academy

Interesting: Fiola is known to be a “tough” player in NB I, for he has received 54 yellow and 4 red cards so far, though, as member of the national team he seems to be a “good guy” as he only has 1 card.


Richárd GuzmicsEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 20

Current team: Wisla Krakow

Interesting: After making a mistake at the World Champs qualifier match against Romania Guzmics was not regarded well by the public, but he managed to get up, improve himself, and now he is going to play at the European Champs.


Roland JuhászJuhász Roland

Number: 23

Current team: Videoton FC

Interesting: As many players Juhász also has a MASCOT: for him it is a shin pad. The same one is responsible for bringing him luck for almost 1.5 decades.



Tamás KádárKádár Tamás

Number: 4

Current team: Lech Poznan

Interesting: Visually, Kádár is a rather decorated player; about 30 tattoos cover his body.



Mihály KorhutEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 3

Current team: DVSC-Teva

Interesting: Korhut’s career started off a bit slowly: after he was admitted to the junior team for more than 1.5 years he was not counted on, but kept going to the trainings and later, after the change of the coaches, András Gyarmati, the (then) new coach began put trust in him.


Ádám LangEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 2

Current team: Videoton FC

Interesting: According to InStat, Lang, after Michal Nalepa, was the second best centre back player in the NB I of the 2015-16 season.



Ákos ElekEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 6

Current team: DVTK

Interesting: Elek is a left foot player, thus, he was tried in the left back position. However, he prefers to be in the centre, which position is eventually occupied by him in the national team.


Zoltán GeraGera Zoltán

Number: 10

Current team: Ferencváros

Interesting: Gera played in England for decades. There he became referred to as The Magic Magyar thanks to his great performance. He played in West Bromwich Albion and Fulham. He scored 31 goals during 254 matches at the English championships.


László KleinheislerEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 15

Current team: Werder Bremen

Interesting: Kleinheisler put everything into becoming a professional football player. When he was a child it seemed the only way to break out. He was only interested in football and practiced a lot. When he became professional he started to repay his parents all the support he got before.


Gergő LovrencsicsEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 14

Current team: Lech Poznan

Interesting: Lovrencsics spent 4 very successful years in Poland, at the 112. championship matches he scored 19 goals as the player of Lech Poznan, but he leaves the team after his contract expires at the end of the 2015-16 season.


Ádám NagyNagy Ádám

Number: 8

Current team: Ferencváros

Interesting: Nagy is the only footballer to play at the Champs who had played at the 2015 U20 World Champs as well.



Ádám PintérEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 16

Current team: Ferencváros

Interesting: Before leaving in 2013 Pintér played 44 championship matches in the Real Zaragoza team and also met Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo on the field.



Zoltán StieberEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 18

Current team: Nürnberg

Interesting: According to the statistics of Bundesliga, Stieber set a league record by running 13.9 km at a match against Hannover, in February 2015.



Dániel BödeBöde Dániel

Number: 13

Current team: Ferencváros

Interesting: Thanks to his honest way of talking – and the scored goals, of course – Böde is considered a great audience favourite, a hero for the people.



Balázs DzsudzsákDzsudzsák Balázs

Number: 7

Current team: Bursapor

Interesting: Over his career, Dzsudzsák has played in The Netherlands, Russia and Turkey, but he is appreciated in Hungary, as well. He received the Junior Prima award in 2009, was named the Best Hungarian Footballer of the Year in 2010, and received the Hungarian Balloon d’Or (Golden Ball) award both in 2010 and 2014.


Krisztián NémethNémeth Krisztián

Number: 11

Current team: al-Garafa

Interesting: Németh has also been to teams of different countries, besides, he has even been a player of different continents: aside Hungary he played in Liverpool, Athens and The Netherlands in Europe; but he also played in North-America, he was member of the Sporting Kansas City, and currently plays in Qatari al-Garafa.


Nikolics NemanjaEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 17

Current team: Legia Warszawa

Interesting: Ever since Ferenc Puskás’s performance in the 1960-61 season as a Real Madrid member, Nemanja is the first Hungarian player to score 28 goals in a championship.



Tamás PriskinPriskin Tamás

Number: 19

Current team: Slovan Bratislava

Interesting: Aside the Russian, Israeli, Slovakian and Hungarian teams, Priskin played for several British teams, he was the member of the teams of Watford and Ipswich Town, was borrowed by Preston, QPR, Swansea and Derby County as well.


Ádám SzalaiEURO-2016 - A magyar labdarúgó-válogatott Európa-bajnoki ker

Number: 9

Current team: Hannover

Interesting: It was thanks to Szalai that the team Schalke could get into the Champions’ League  in 2013: his goals helped to defeat the Greeks at the time.


Photos: MTI

Copy editor: bm


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