Hungary girl basketball British
Photo: MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

“The Hungarians have a player nobody else has, so we have to prepare for that. I am talking about Bernadett Határ.” Chema Buceta, head coach of the British national team, said that to the Hungarian News Agency MTI). He also added that the Hungarians have a lot of very good players, and they are strong in every position. 

The 208 cm Hungarian centre scored 21 points against the Slovenians, 10 against Italy, and 15 against Turkey. Furthermore,

60 pc of her attempts were successful.

According to Mr Buceta, the British team expects a very narrow match, and he said that history is on the side of Hungarians, although “in this case, that does not matter,Index reported. 




Hungary girl basketball British
The 2018 cm Hungarian girl is a real threat for the British basket. Photo: MTI

The head coach of the Hungarian team, Norbert Székely, said that physically, there are a lot of very good players in the British national team. Some of them have been training in the Euroleague, and they are exceptionally strong. He added that the British team did not have 8-9 identical players, so rotating them is much more difficult. This means that

Hungarian players have to fight until the last seconds, 

and according to him, the match will be decided only in the final moments.

In the European Basketball Championship (Eurobasket), in Serbia, Hungary won its group with two victories, and thus, the national team is going to play the quarterfinals. The British team has to play one more match after they beat Montenegro 92 to 71. Since they score a lot of points during a match, the key to their victory will be to establish an efficient defence.




Hungary basketball girl
Bernadett Határ. Photo: MTI

The winner will be able to play the semi-finals and will automatically get the qualification to take part in the 2022 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The last time Hungary could play semi-finals was back in 1997 when the Eurobasket was organised in Budapest.

According to Mathematics, the team that loses this match does not necessarily have to say goodbye to participating in the Olympics because if they beat the loser of the France-Belgium match, they can still become 5th or 6th best in Europe, which would mean qualification for Tokyo.




Hungary girl basketball British

However, since both France and Belgium have a very good chance of winning the whole European tournament, now it is clear that chances are best if Hungary can beat the British team today.

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