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Levente Galambos was the youngest among the five winners at the European Committee’s campaign called EUandME.

The competition was part of the EUandME campaign, in which the winning directors got a grant of €7,500 each, and got to realise their ideas with well-known European directors as mentors. The Hungarian premiere was held on July 18 in Budapest, at the Premier KultCafé. The movie called Rejtett értékek (Hidden Values in English) is now available online, reported szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu.

The Young Filmmakers Competition’s goal was to raise awareness about how much the European Union helps Europeans’ lives. The competition was held in all the member states of the EU, and people aged 18-35 could take part. There were a total of 599 entries. Award-winning directors were the judges, who chose the five winners who got to film their ideas. One of the five winners was a Hungarian competitor, Levente Galambos.

The winners received €7,500 each – nearly 2,500,000 forints – and had help from famous European directors while filming.

The young Hungarian director’s mentor was Finnish director, Zaida Bergroth.

Hungarian boy’s short film wins at Cannes Film Festival, read more HERE.

“We are very proud to have one young Hungarian adult have the chance to make his short film, as one of the five winners, out of nearly 600 applicants. Furthermore, 21-year-old Levente Galambos is the youngest out of the winners,” said Gábor Zupkó, head of the Representation of Hungary to the European Committee.

“Levente and his generation lived most of or their whole lives in the European Union. For them, it is normal to be able to travel, learn, start and enterprise freely within the Union, and it is obvious to them that real results in climate change and environmental protection can only be reached with unified action in the Union. That is the reason why it is particularly interesting how they see and how they present these themes.”

The Hungarian competitor won in the “Sustainability” category.

His film was about a busy father, who felt he was drifting away from his daughter because he constantly had to balance his stressful job and being a single father. When his daughter’s favourite toy breaks, he realises that broken relationships, just like broken toys, can be fixed.

The other winners are Polish Magdalena Załęcka, 29, in the “Mobility” category, Estonian Vlad Muko, 27, in the “Skills and Business” category, Spanish Jaime Olías de Lima, 29, in the “Rights” category and Romanian Eugen Dediu, 22, in the “Digital” category.

Source: https://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/

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