assembled a list of three of their favourite Italian places in Budapest in honour of the national day of the Italian cuisine (17 January). Their list is worth sharing, and even completing it with one extra nice Italian place. If you love the guilty pleasures of a big bowl of pasta or a hot and crispy slice of pizza (or five), then you need to check these four authentic places out.

If you are in a mood to have a real Mediterranean meal with a good glass of wine, then I would recommend checking the following places out.

Top 10 Hungarian restaurants

1. Casa Mia Trattoria

Rumour has it that you will find the best pizza in Budapest at Casa Mia Trattoria. The menu includes several authentic Italian dishes, all made with quality ingredients from Italy. You will find traditional Italian soups, pasta, and of course pizza, pizza and pizza. The restaurant also offers a few Jewish dishes, making it the first and only Jewish-Italian restaurant in the Hungarian capital.


2. Bocanova

Bocanova is an Italian restaurant located in District XIV, and it offers a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes which are all based on old family recipes. It goes without saying that only original Italian ingredients are used to make the different varieties of pizza, pasta and risotto. Right next to the restaurant, there is the Boca dolce confectionary (same owner) where customers can have a cup of their Italian craft coffee: Boca Mokka which they take pride in.


3. Culinaria Italia

Culinaria Italia is a shop that has been in business for over 10 years in Mammut. The shop has all the original Italian ingredients you will need to make your favourite Italian dishes at home. If you do not feel like going out, you can have your items delivered to your home anytime. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for at the shop, the owners will do anything in their capacity to get a hold of your desired ingredient.


3+1 Trattoria Venezia

Trattoria Venezia is an Italian restaurant situated at József Boulevard. Besides the starters and soups, the restaurant’s menu has 26 varieties of pizza and 20 versions of Italian pasta. Of course, customers can also have meals with meat and fish or a plate of salad. The restaurant has a special Mediterranean atmosphere.


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