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Whether you have recently discovered your passion for art, love DIY projects in general, are looking for a unique gift to give, or want to do something fun with your family and/or friends, here are a few great places where you can bring your inner artist to life – even if you have absolutely zero experience.


In spite of its name, Alkotásutca is not located on the eponymous street. Instead, you can find their two studios in Pest, where they offer group painting sessions. There is a wide variety of paintings to choose from, ranging from simple designs, appropriate even for kids, to impressively complex ones. If you have fallen in love with Leonid Afremov’s colourful art or are a fan of Gustav Klimt, you can also recreate their works. Whichever you may choose, success is guaranteed, and the best part is: you do not need an immunity certificate to participate.

leonid afremov painting venice
A painting by Leonid Afremov. Source:
alkotasutca painting workshop
Workshop at Alkotásutca. Source: Facebook / Alkotásutca

Rezina Studio

The name of Rezina Studio holds a clue to the type of art you can discover there. If you guessed “resin”, you are right! Working with this material might seem a bit scary at first, but actually, that could not be further from the truth. Thanks to the expert guidance of Alma Abonyi, the ever-smiling owner of the studio, you will relax as you create beautiful pieces, be that jewellery, a tray + coasters set, or perhaps a wall clock. There are only 4 spots available for each workshop and they go fast, so make sure to book in time.

rezina studio resin jewelry workshop
Photo: Facebook / Rezina Studio
rezina studio resin tray coaster workshop
Photo: Facebook / Rezina Studio


If you would prefer to work with something that is closer to nature, Faművelők has got you. A relatively new addition to the workshop panorama of Budapest, they will introduce you to the basics of woodworking, from choosing the right type of wood to treating the surface. You will get to leave with either your own hand-carved animal or a little mushroom-shaped house that looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

famuvelok woodcarving wooden animal workshop
Photo: Facebook / Faművelők Workshop

YourArt Ceramics

Eating off a nice plate gives you an extra bit of joy, does it not? Now, what if you could make your own tableware? The workshops at YourArt Ceramics give you a chance to do exactly that: depending on which one you sign up for, you can make a soup bowl with a matching plate, a breakfast set, or four porcelain mugs. And the list does not end there: you can opt for small leaf-shaped trays that will hold your keys, jewellery, or some bonbons, a stylish vase or, if you cannot choose at all, you can just sign up for a “clay patterning” workshop, where you are given a slab of clay big enough for at least three plates, bowls, or similar items. The only downside is that you will need to wait 3-4 weeks before you can take your items home as firing them takes time.

yourart ceramics leaves workshop
yourart ceramics porcelain mugs workshop
porcelain, herend, hungaricum
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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