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Marketing trends have been shaped many times over the past decades and this is why they are called contemporary. Traditionally a popular form of marketing would be posting leaflets through the letter-box and according to Kiasuprint this form of marketing is still the highly effective and popular claim that their printing press gets a large number of orders for flyers despite the highly developing cyberspace.

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The cyber space is a rapidly growing trend and according to Forbes the future looks digital, it seems like the future, marketing will be via websites, email campaigns, digital advertisements, basic social media management and basic blog publishing. The internet allows you to connect with 11 Billion products with a click of a button, so it is not surprising that more and more people will be moving their marketing strategies to the digital space.

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Many people consider email marketing as a tool to promote various products and services, but this is just not it. Email marketing covers a huge area of brand awareness and its main aim is the development of healthy relationships with existing and potential clients or customers. Email marketing is based on several approaches. However, for your ease, here are the 4 best email marketing tactics, which are widely used by all the successful businesses, such as Amazon.

1. Personalizing Your Email

This is the most vital tactic of email marketing and its characteristics are derived from human nature.

It is nothing but mentioning the existing or potential customers by their names in the email, instead of saying ‘Dear Valued Customer’. It is a fact that when a person calls another person by name, he or she feels comfortable and more open towards listening to what the person has to say. In other words, a personalized email breaks barriers and you get more connected to your clients or customers.


2. Brief Subject Line

A subject line helps a customer or client to decide whether to open the email or simply delete it without knowing what treasures are present inside for them.

They don’t really bother and this is the reason why marketing experts believe that a subject line of 70 to 80 characters is basically the death of email marketing. So make sure that your email marketing campaign must have a short but appealing subject line, which delivers a fine and clear message.

3. Right Email at the Right Time

The aim of email marketing is to spread awareness about products or services.

This also means that without customers’ attention, email marketing will not be a major success. Therefore, it is always authentic to approach clients or customers in their free time. You can even get a digital market agent to look after your marketing strategies for greater results Mandreel is one of them, they ensure that emails are sent out at the right time to the right clients so and that email marketing is result oriented, to make sure that your product is rightly emailed to the right audience and at the right time.

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