collected the most important information about four exciting adventure parks of Budapest. During the summer break, you can try the adrenaline level-increasing courses; spend a couple of funny but challenging days in one of the adventure parks of Budapest. Here are the choices:

  1. Challengeland Adventure Course in Csilleberc

In Csilleberc, you can choose from three tracks with different difficulty levels, which are marked by different colors. In the adventure park, you can tread from one tree to another or you can slide through by using a safety cable. You can try out your skills in the log castle, the labyrinth and the ground obstacle course.

Prices: HUF 3500-4900, there are also group and family discounts.

  1. Orczy Adventure Park

Courses with different level of difficulty were built for children and adults in the Orczy Adventure Park, and those who first try, can begin on a training course. The adults can measure their bravery on the big and giant slide courses,

Prices: HUF 2680-3180, there are family and group tickets as well.

  1. Romai Adventure Park in Budapest

The children can test their skills on a 21-, while the adults can do it on a 60-station course. The great fun will certainly not lag behind on the adventure courses of various difficulties in the beautiful surroundings with old trees.

Prices: HUF 2000-3500, family discounts are available.

  1. New Park Adventure Park at the Budapest Zoo

You can have fun on the small and large obstacle courses of the adventure park, which was built at the Budapest Zoo in 2014. Giant slide, climbing machine, trampoline can make more colorful the zoo walk. The adventure park can be used with the chips bought in the Zoo cash.

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