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4+1 tips for springtime trips in Hungary

4+1 tips for springtime trips in Hungary

The warm weather is coming, and what can be more motivating to spend time outdoors than sunshine? If you are ready to enjoy the springtime warmth, read‘s suggestions regarding these fantastic destinations.


Tihany is an excellent choice whether it is winter or summer because Lake Balaton always has a mesmerizing landscape. However, if you do not prefer 40 degrees or mittens during sightseeing, spring is your season to organise your trips. This time of the year is quite calm yet, and additionally, ice cream shops and restaurants are already open. Not to mention the wonderful lavender smell surrounding the town of Tihany during spring.

Tihany Abbey apátság

Photo: Wiki Commons By Civertan

Cherry blossom at Nagykörű

Did you know that you do not need to travel all the way to Japan to see the cherry blossom? There is a tiny village near Szolnok where you will feel like you were in Japan. Nagykörű has a unique cherry tree garden where trees will definitely blossom during spring. To celebrate the event, the garden is awaiting visitors with special programmes and breathtaking view on the 16th of March.

cherry blossom Nagykörű

Szinva Stream

What do you think about a tour visiting Hungary’s biggest waterfall? Szinva Stream springs from the Bükk Mountains and flows all the way through Miskolc. Therefore, there are 70 bridges above it along its way. There is a lot to do in the area due to the streams and paths in the forest, so it is no wonder that this is one of the beloved destinations in Hungary.

Miskolc Szinva patak stream

Photo: Wiki Commons by Rodrigo

Tarn Lake in Jósvafő

Would you like to explore a less-known beauty of Hungary? Then, do not hesitate, travel to the Aggtelek Nationa Park and admire the Jósvafő Tarn Lake there. Through the waggly pathways in the woods, you can reach the lake in the valley. There, you can also find a waterfall and a mill.

Lookout tower of Hármashatárhegy

If you live in Budapest and you do not want to travel far away, we have good news for you. Even though Hármashatárhegy is a fantastic destination all year long, you have to travel there this spring. It is because the brand new lookout tower opened a short time ago. Furthermore, it offers a 360-degree panorama view to the whole city of Budapest.

Hármashatárhegy lookout tower kiltó

Photo: Balázs Béli

Featured image: Balázs Béli


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