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In the world of television, DVD and online streaming, when everything is within easy reach, the cinema industry still means a flourishing business. Therefore, the question poses: what is the biggest attraction in cinemas and how can cinemagoers’ enthusiasm be sustained? and reveal the secret about the latest technology that augments the cinema experience with environmental effects. Here is how.

Snow, rain, wind, fog and smells – these are the accompanying environmental effects of the 4DX cinema experience already available in 3 Cinema Cities in Hungary. The latest cinema of this type has been opened in Debrecen where the fans of films can also experience the physical sensations present during a movie.

It is from around 300 million forints (1 million euros) that a new movie theatre was constructed where besides environmental effects, cinemagoers can move back and forth or sideways, as their seats imitate the movement present on the screen.

When movies are broadcast, a wide variety of effects affect the protagonists and with the help of this new technology, viewers can get a firsthand experience of what if feels like to be tickled or surprised by a sudden gust of wind or rain.

The new movie theatre was opened on 15 March when two movies, Tomb Raider 3D and the Coco, a computer-animated fantasy film, were broadcast in Debrecen.

This is how the new 4DX technology works!

Despite the fact that today movies can be easily downloaded from the Internet, the cinema industry has been rapidly growing. Andrea Buda, Marketing and PR Director of the Cinema City, believes that the reason why cinemas are still popular is their accessibility. Compared to other forms of entertainment, such as going to the theatre, a concert or a sports event, cinemas are still relatively cheap. reports based on Manager Magazine, that the Cinema City multiplex cinema network has monitored people’s habits of going to cinemas, and it was found that right after staying at home with friends, cinema-going is the second most popular leisure time activity.

Hungarians usually consider two things when going to the cinema: some people calculate the distance to the cinema from where they live while others choose the cinema for the movie.

It is important for the Cinema City to attract consumers to the brand, so they regularly ask their viewers to engage in different activities actively. During the Film Week, viewers were asked to design images onto the popcorn box while for the 20th anniversary of the Cinema City in December, they rewarded those coming with the oldest cinema tickets.

Therefore, Cinema City provides experience and not only good movies.

As Andrea Buda emphasises, movies are downloadable anytime, but it does not give the same experience at home as on the big screen. Last year, horror movies were the most popular among the Hungarian viewers, and almost every film of this genre attracted more than 100,000 people. Among the Hungarian films, Kincsem and The Whiskey Robber were the absolute favourites with around 65,000 viewers which also indicates that watching Hungarian films is becoming more and more popular among Hungarians.

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