movie reports that 2017 was a successful year when several Hungarian films were released and attracted thousands of people to the cinemas. Andy Vajna, the leader of the Hungarian film industry, also reported that it takes time to popularise domestic films among Hungarians, but the success of movies like Kincsem, Pappa Pia, Soul and Body and many others shows that there is a demand for popular and artistic films, too, in the country.

2017 was an exceptional year as far as the number of debuted Hungarian films is concerned. Altogether 22 Hungarian or Hungary-produced films were introduced to the public, and there is a significant discrepancy as far as their viewership is concerned.

The top 5 movies were seen by more than 1 million people while the lasts on the list attracted around 3,000 people.

In 2017, 1.3 million viewers watched Hungarian films that means a 3-5% increase compared to previous years.

Here is the list of the most popular Hungarian films, their income and the number of people watching them. Check it out!

Let’s check out the top 10 for more details!

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1. Kincsem (455,268 viewers)

The most popular film of the Vajna era is without doubt Kincsem. It is the 7th most popular film among those made after the regime change preceding such films as Fateless. The production was made with much financial help from the Hungarian government.


2. The Whiskey Bandit (286,317 viewers)

The film is the representation of the life of Attila Ambrus, the most-wanted Hungarian robber and criminal in the 1990s. The producer, Nimród Antal, returned to Hungary from America to make this production. As the viewership also shows, it was not for nothing.

A behind-the-scenes photo from the production of Nimród Antal’s film The Whiskey Robber /imdb/

3. Pappa Pia (207,789 viewers)

The movie of Gábor Csupó started strongly in Hungarian cinemas, but three weeks after it had debuted, the enthusiasm set back a bit. Anyway, the viewership proves the popularity of this film that almost reached that of Csupó’s 2009 movie, Made in Hungária, made with such actors as Tamás Szabó Kimmel and Bernadett Ostorházi.

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4. Soul and Body (95,404 viewers)

After 18 years of break, Ildikó Enyedi got back to the film industry with her film, Soul and Body, that was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Furthermore, the female protagonist of the film was chosen the best European actress at the European Film Awards. Besides the excellent performance of those in the leading roles, the piece has a unique way of storytelling, too, that undoubtedly touches the heart of everyone.ől és Lélekről

5. Brazils (74,077 viewers)

The film made by the producer, Csaba M. Kiss, and Gábor Rohonyi is a successful production that talks about the Gypsies. The number of Hungarians interested in the movie also shows that people are open about to watch films on this issue, and more like that should be produced in Hungary.


6. Aurora Borealis (55,805 viewers)

The movie of Márta Mészáros openly talks about how much damage Soviet soldiers caused to Hungarian women by sexually abusing them. This was quite a common problem after the Second World War, and it is still relevant in today’s society. Despite the topic which is not easy to digest, the fact that it is chosen the 6th most popular film shows that Hungarians are open to artistic movies, too.


7. Budapest Noir (49,580 viewers)

The film was produced by Éva Gárdosi based on the book of Vilmos Kondor. The story is about a crime reporter who investigates the death of a brutally killed young girl, although he continuously bumps into obstacles during the investigation. Some critics say that despite the high financial aid given to the production, it did not completely fulfil the expectations of viewers.

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8. 1945 (29,888 viewers)

The film takes place in the aftermath of the Second World War. says that if it had not been Soul and Body, probably this movie would have been sent to the Oscar gala since it is the best and the most mature production of the producer, Ferenc Török. Although it is only the 8th movie concerning popularity, its topic and the fact that it is a black and white movie hinder it from becoming the favourite of everyone.


9. Lengemesék (13,245 viewers)

This film is the adaption of 2 children’s books written by Judit Berg, and it is mainly addressed to kindergarten students. The speciality of the film is that it narrates a story in a way that it also attempts to contribute to the personality development of kids. Hopefully, this movie will have a long afterlife and more of Berg’s works will get film adaptations, too.

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10. Tékasztorik (12,754 viewers)

Not only a book was written from the blog of Viktória Bihari, but a film adaptation was also made with much success. In the story, which is about how Viku tries to find the man of her life, outstanding actors like Ferenc Elek and Imre Csuja make a memorable performance.


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