A lot of people assume that enjoying a good drink with friends or just hanging out in a bar is a summer time kind of activity. However, there are many really good places one can have a great time at in winter as well. Just because the weather gets colder, it does not necessarily mean that we have to stay home. Funzine.hu assembled a list of five of their favourite places in Budapest to visit in winter.


Do not worry, the biggest ruin bar in Budapest does not stop welcoming people when the weather gets cold. Anker’t goes on with its business even during the winter months. Their regular market is open on every weekend. Moreover, their market became Christmas themed. The parties do not stop either. Anker’t organises many parties for December, one specially for New Year’s Eve.

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360 Bar

360 Bar is located in the hearth of Budapest on a rooftop. The bar is really popular because of its amazing view of downtown Budapest. Luckily, owners came up with a brilliant idea to make the rooftop bar enjoyable even in the coldest days of winter: igloos. Igloos were built on the roof which are heated, so you do not have to worry about the weather at all, and they can hold up to 7 people. Now, you can enjoy the amazing panorama with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in your hand, and feel like you are the king of the world.

High Note SkyBar

High Note SkyBar is also located on a rooftop in downtown Budapest. The place is famous for its delicious meals (fine dining), cocktails and views. High Note SkyBar welcomes its customers in every season with a specialised theme. This winter’s theme is: the forest. Incredible dishes and drinks were inspired by the many herbs and fruits found in forests, providing a really special winter vibe to the whole bar.

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Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is another great place to spend a winter morning on the weekend. If you go and have a nice brunch, you will definitely forget about the bad weather, and it will feel like it is still summer.

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Müpa Kultúr Kültér

Müpa Kultúr Kültér is a unique place because it was built for winter time. From 2 December, concerts, circus performances and shows for children are being organised. There is also an ice-skating rank here which is open from 2 December until 28 January.

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