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5 citations about the Hungarian language

5 citations about the Hungarian language

13 November is the Day of Hungarian Language, since it was the day in 1844 when Hungarian became the official language of Hungary again after long years of speaking German. To celebrate this memorable occasion, we gathered five citations related to the topic of this unique language. We have already witnessed how Hungarian poetry depicted love, now we can take a glimpse into famous Hungarian poets’ works about their mother language.

György Faludy

Hungarian language! One with us in your spring
and fervent, like our thinking.
Unfulfilled desire, burning engagement,
our common future and echoing judgment,
not a cold bottle of old wine,
not a piano’s melodic chime,
but fermenting must, tearful cord
of a gloomy horn.

Sándor Márai

Are you at home? But where is it? In your tongue.
The other bonds all obscure and foggy.
Like in a Baroque painting — in a frame of gold
A man — stranger and lonely.

Milán Füst

Beware, as the ages entrusted you with the speech of your mother
And you must protect it. Hear my words. An invisible fire
Created this world and it burns in you. A flame you must carry on:
A holy language! Your only treasure! Miraculous Hungarian.


Gyula Illyés

When a new horde of pillagers and mongers
for this pure meadow hungers,
when our paths become twisted
like an earthworm under the tread:

Just close your eyes, say the words
that created entire worlds,
that made houses, people and pastry
Unite in One Hungary.

Mór Jókai

Hungarian back at home.
Welcome! Awaited guest
In our hearts, Hungarian language!
Soul of our soul, blood of our heart,
Stay with us, do not vanish.
Take a seat worthy to you,
Wear your crown of laurel,
Strengthen in power
For long centuries,
And do not let anyone
Say again anymore:
“To learn Hungarian
There is no way.”

Source: Daily News Hungary

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