margaret island margitsziget budapest
Margaret Island, Photo: YouTube John Feher –

Beautiful weather has already come. This is why it is an excellent idea to spend some time outdoors. Besides going for trips or sightseeing, you can also enjoy the sunshine while having a wonderful picnic. collected some fantastic choices in Budapest, let us take a look.

Budapest City Park (Városliget)

This breathtakingly beautiful park is a location no visitors want to miss. It is perfect for a nice picnic because of its green areas. Visitors will not get bored here; there are plenty sculptures to see on the way. The Vajdahunyad Castle is situated right here as well. Furthermore, Széchenyi Bath is near, not to mention the Budapest Zoo, the Hungarian National Circus, and the museums.

Városliget FINA

Margit Island

This island is a 2.5 kilometres long island on the Danube between Buda and Pest. It has a huge green area with promenades, flowers, lovely food, and a fountain, which has musical shows multiple times a day. It is a wonderful choice for those who love walking and bike riding.

margaret island margitsziget budapest
Photo: YouTube John Feher –


We recommend you this peaceful location if you want to leave the busy and noisy capital behind you. Here, one can walk or even hike. Furthermore, there is a lookout tower on the top from where one can enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest and the Buda Mountains.


Kopaszi Dam

This location got renovated recently and has a big green area now where visitors can relax in peace listening to the birds chirping and the Danube’s waves. For those who love architecture, it is an excellent choice since Hungary’s first skyscraper has been currently built right next to it.

Kopaszi dam gát
Photo: Wiki Commons by Sztudva Gyöngyi


Füvészkert. This landscape garden from the 18th century is one of the most romantic locations for a lovely picnic. It is the very first botanic garden in Hungary. There are various plants and flowers to admire, but the main attraction is the giant water-lily in front of the Victorian House. It is said that this plant can hold even a grown woman. All in all, district 8 has all its reasons to be proud of its beloved park.


The Garden of Philosophers (Filozófusok Kertje)

This is a beautiful garden that lies between Orom and Hegyalja Streets near Gellért Hill. The park got its name after its main sight, a sculpture of philosophers. Having a pleasant picnic here also makes it possible to admire the spectacular view to Buda, Pest, and the Danube. Additionally, as this garden is a less known place, one can enjoy their lunch in peace and silence.

Featured image: YouTube John Feher –


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