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Spring season starts this weekend at the Budapest Zoo. Programmes include petting rabbit as well as various shows. The zoo also opens a new area called Holnemvolt Vár (Once upon Castle). reports about the details.

Budapest Zoo prepared many entertaining programmes for the long weekend: etymological shows and training elephants and sea lions, among others. Visitors can admire 850 species all in all at the zoo. Furthermore, there are also newborn animals such as gorillas, muntjacs, orangutans, giraffes, kangaroos, elephants, and agoutis.

baby newborn animal Budapest Zoo

Once upon Castle

However, the biggest attraction is the Holnemvolt Vár (Once upon Castle), that is the first part of the zoo’s developmental process. It offers programmes for kids between the ages of 3 and 10 on its 1.6 acres. This new play area is situated in the former amusement park’s place and the zoo’s former business area. Here, children can get to know the tame animals. Therefore, the animal petting area will be here as well as a guinea pig town and bigger domestic animals. At the Nyíhangár (Neih Barn), visitors can learn about horse riding traditions. Additionally, craft activities, pottery, and a bakery will entertain the smaller ones in the Macskakő utca (Cobble Street).

The Hetedhét Palace will be an indoor play centre decorated with the animal characters of the Hungarian folk tales. This 3000 square metres area offers an opportunity for children to challenge their physical strength as well as their wit. They can also meet Vuk the fox and The Great Angler, who are famous Hungarian cartoon characters.

Budapest Zoo carousel körhinta Scheffner
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The Once upon Castle will also have an area where visitors can feel as if they were at a Hungarian funfair of the older times. Here, people can enjoy the fully renovated Schäfner carousel from 1908, the old barrel, and other traditional toys. Also for the sake of the traditions, the frontage of the zoo will look like in the 20th century, reflecting the long-ago Royal Vio Cinema and Sámuel Helfgott’s photo store.

Featured image: Wiki Commons by ato


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